Willpower and Self Discipline
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Strengthen Your Willpower and Self Discipline

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A highly effective program for improving your willpower, self discipline and inner strength

A training program for strengthening your willpower and self discipline, with guidance, advice and simple exercises, which you can practice at any time or place.

What is Willpower is the inner strength that enables you to make decisions and carry them out. It gives you the strength to take action and perform tasks and plans, despite inner resistance, discomfort, laziness or difficulties.

What is Self-discipline is the companion of willpower. It appears in various forms, such as inner strength, self control, endurance, perseverance and restraint, and as the ability to carry out one’s decisions and plans, in spite of inconvenience, hardships or obstacles.

Willpower and self discipline are the foundations of inner strength, and are essential for success in all areas of life. If you wish to have more control over your life you should strengthen these two skills.

The exercises in this book build up decisiveness, assertiveness and persistence, and give you the strength to overcome procrastination, laziness and other negative habits.

The exercises build your inner strength, in the same way that physical exercises build physical strength and muscles. This inner strength will always be at your disposal, whenever you need it.

Most of the exercises in this book can be practiced wherever you are, at anytime, and do not require special preparations, time, place or conditions. You can always find the time and place to practice them, since they take advantage of the circumstances and situations of your daily life. The exercises are simple, and can be practiced by everyone.

Benefits of developing willpower and self discipline:

1) Gaining inner strength, which you can use whenever you need it.

2) The ability to follow through with your decisions and promises.

3) Stop being a procrastinator, and instead do, things now.

4) Overcoming laziness.

5) Boosting your self confidence and self esteem.

6) Gaining the ability to control your reactions.

7) Learning to say ‘no’.

8) Improvement of self mastery and self control.

9) Becoming decisive and assertive.

10) Overcoming negative habits.

11) Being able to persevere with your actions and plans, until you accomplish them.

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Strengthen Your Willpower and Self Discipline

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