How to Focus Your Mind

How to Focus Your Mind

Learn How to Improve Your Concentration with Simple Exercises

By Remez Sasson

The power of concentration, the ability to focus the mind, is essential for success in every area of life, at work and at home, at school and in college, in sports and in business, for achieving goals and completing tasks, and for self-improvement and meditation.

Concentration sharpens your memory, the five senses, and all the mental faculties. This means more efficiency and fewer mistakes or errors.

The mind is in a constant state of movement, just like a butterfly that flies from one flower to another, never standing still for more than a brief moment. If your mind wanders where it wills, and you cannot focus it on one thing at a time, how can you complete a task or achieve a goal? You need a certain degree of concentration.

You will find in this book, exercises for developing the power of concentration, with clear instructions and advice, which everyone, beginners and more experienced people, will find useful and easy to understand and follow.

The Benefits of Focusing Your Mind:

  • The ability to focus your mind on what you are doing.
  • Improved comprehension, and the ability to study and understand faster.
  • Improved memory.
  • The ability to reject thoughts that you don't want.
  • When the mind is focused, there are fewer distracting and disturbing thoughts, and therefore, more inner peace.
  • Becoming able to ignore thoughts and external disturbances, when reading, studying or meditating.
  • Becoming more efficient in whatever you do.
  • Clear and focused thinking.
  • Increased self-confidence and inner strength.
  • Being able to focus on a task or goal until you complete it.
  • Meditation becomes easier to practice and is more focused.

10-15 minutes a day of practising concentration exercises can make a great difference in your life.


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How to Focus Your Mind

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