Learn how to stop taking everything too personally and becoming upset by what people say and do.

Emotional Detachment For a Better Life

Emotional Detachment For a Better Life

The Art of Letting Go and Staying Calm

By Remez Sasson

Do you get disturbed by what people say or do?

Are your moods and state of mind easily affected by events, people, and your are own thoughts?

All this can be changed with a certain degree of emotional detachment!

With the help of this book, you will be able to free yourself from these habits. You will learn how, with emotional detachment, you can improve the quality of your life.

What Is Emotional Detachment?

It is a state of calmness, self-control and inner balance. Emotional detachment is useful for handling the daily affairs of life, in interactions with people, and when facing emotional demands at home, at work, and at any other place.

Emotional detachment helps you keep away from emotional agitation, anger and stress, and protects you from getting too much involved with unnecessary and unhealthy emotions and reactions. It also guards you from becoming upset by what people say or do, and from becoming affected by their emotions, reactions or behavior.

This skill allows you to act and react calmly and with common sense, without emotional unrest, which often clouds the judgment and wastes unnecessary emotional and physical energy.

The Benefits of Emotional Detachment:

  • It helps you avoid getting involved with disturbing emotions and reactions.
  • It helps you to stop taking everything too personally.
  • You learn to stop getting upset by what people say and do, and by their reactions and behavior.
  • Behaving and acting calmly in the various situations of your life, without being upset by external conditions or situations.
  • Protecting you from being disturbed or hurt by emotionally demanding, manipulative or negative people.
  • It protects you from getting manipulated into doing things that you don’t want to do.
  • Keeping a calm mind, using common sense, and staying unbiased when alone and in the company of people, at work, and at home.

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True detachment brings into your life emotional strength, common sense, better comprehension, and the ability to see the pros and cons of every situation without bias. It also guards you from being adversely affected by the moods, and negative thoughts and emotions of other people.

Adopting a detached attitude enables you to exercise your best judgment, handle efficiently every situation, and become a tower of strength for others in times of need and difficulties.

By refusing to open yourself to emotional turmoil that does not concern you, you protect your physical, emotional and mental being from becoming drained out and from exhaustion.


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Emotional Deatchment For a Better Life

Emotional Detachment For a Better Life

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